What is a Southern Yellow Pine?

FREEDOM SOURCING considers Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) an exceptional lumber for the pallet and crating industry for the reason you will read below. We work only with premier and prestigious SYP sawmills primarily in East Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi that are industry certified and that offer the best quality and price.

General Description

The four main species of Southern Yellow Pine are Longleaf (Pinus palustris), Slash (Pinus elliottii), Shortleaf (Pinus echinata) and Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda). The wood has a distinctive colour and grain, its sapwood ranging from white to yellowish and heartwood from yellow to reddish-brown. It combines looks, strength, and extreme ease of treatment with the highest nail-holding ability.

Main Uses

Most is used structurally, for floor and roof trusses, pallet & crating, joists, rafters and carcassing. Ease of treatment makes it particularly good for decking and outdoor use. Character and impact resistance make it suitable for flooring, panelling, and joinery.

Distribution and Availability

Grown on 78 million hectares of forest land in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. This makes it widely available.

Make FREESOM SOURCING, your source for Southern Yellow Pine (SYP).