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Freedom Sourcing is a dynamic international lumber wholesaler of US, Canadian and European softwood lumber. Freedom Sourcing concentrates its efforts in the United States and export markets with a niche on the Mexican market. Our entire staff is completely bilingual and bicultural.

Lumber for Pallets

Your single SOURCE for all pallet needs. Lumber species in a variety of sizes.


The industry’s preferred SOURCE for pine. Available in a variety of species, sizes, and grades

Lumber Yards

When you’re the customer’s SOURCE for lumber, trust us to keep you supplied


Find some FREE time by allowing us to take care of getting your lumber from mill to yard


FREE your mind of worries as our lumber is properly graded and certified for export

On Time Delivery

Hassle FREE delivery, because we’re holding saw mills accountable, to ensure on-time delivery

National Network

FREE  logistical support to ensure your lumber is ready for pickup from our large network of partners






Boards range from 1×4 to 1×12 with lengths from 8′ to 16′



About Us

Freedom Sourcing is a company on the move! We are a softwood lumber wholesaler that has more than 20 years of combined experience in the lumber market. We specialize in softwood lumber in all grades and sizes for your specific needs. Freedom Sourcing before anything else, values our customers and suppliers. We work with many pallet, crating and independent lumberyard companies across North America. Though, our niche market is Mexico, the largest export buyer of US lumber in the world. Not a day goes by that we are not sending softwood lumber to Mexico via railcar or truck.

Freedom Sourcing is a bi-cultural export company that not only understands lumber but culturally masters, speaks and knows the inner working of the country we are working with.

Freedom Sourcing has exemplary logistics and superior customer service to help provide customers in the US and Mexico with all their softwood needs. Offering a vast array of pallet materials and industrial products, Freedom Sourcing is uniquely positioned to serve your needs.

We believe in personal relationships; our president visits all its supplying sawmills at least twice a year to discuss our customers’ needs and build a stronger and trusting bond with key suppliers. We want our suppliers to know who they are working with and have a deep understanding of our core values. We cherish our relationships with our suppliers as we do our customers.

Doing business in Mexico is not easy, but we are experts in lumber sourcing, international logistics, customs requirements and of course the culture. Doing business with Freedom Sourcing opens the door to a vast lumber market.

Join our Freedom Sourcing family as a customer or supplier and see for yourself that our word is second to none!

Industry News

State of Queretaro

The State of Queretaro is the 6th smallest state in total land area in Mexico but represents 3% of the total GDP of the country. The state has become of crucial importance as it is one of the safest states and is only roughly 8 hours to the USA border. More and more foreign companies are setting up facilities in the state. Queretaro is becoming the center for aerospace component machining and assembly. It is also a sophisticated state to produce auto parts, most that go to the USA for assembly or vice versa. According to state numbers 45 families per day are moving to Queretaro. The unemployed rate in Queretaro is 2.7%. Twenty years ago, most people moved away from Mexico City to avoid the earthquake fault line of Mexico City but in the last 5 years it has shifted, and many are arriving from all parts of Mexico because of its positive economic impact and safety. Every year it becomes stronger financially, made up primarily by educated professionals.  It is very rich in history as it is where the Mexican Independence Day was first located, the current Constitution of México was signed, the Gadsden purchase was signed and

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Pronóstico de la Economía de Estados Unidos

La economía Estadounidense ha tenido problemas para recuperarse desde la pandemia COVID-19. La inflación es el problema principal, por eso el US Federal Reserve tuvo que subir la tasa de intereses 11 veces en los últimos dos años. Esto ha causado que las empresas americanas tengan varios variables para pronosticar la economía. La inflación afecta a las decisiones de empresas como cuánto inventario tener en piso, costo más alto de materias primas, y tener que subir precios de sus productos que afectan la demanda por sus productos, como ejemplo. Este año de 2024, Estados Unidos tendrá sus elecciones presidenciales, de senado y cámara de diputados federales. Las elecciones complican los pronósticos económicos y financieros. Las guerras Rusia-Ucrania e Israel- Palestinos han causado incertidumbre en la economía global y cambios en el precio del petróleo. Estados Unidos tendrá que decidir si seguirá financiando las guerras de Rusia-Ucrania e Israel-Palestinos. La economía estadounidense ha evitado una recesión sorprendiendo a muchos economistas que  lo predicaban en el transcurso de 2023. Actualmente la inflación está a un nivel alto 3.1% (noviembre 2023) y con un desempleo bajo (3.7% noviembre 2023) pero con tendencia a la alza en 2024. Debido a los altos intereses, la

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What is a Southern Yellow Pine?

FREEDOM SOURCING considers Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) an exceptional lumber for the pallet and crating industry for the reason you will read below. We work only with premier and prestigious SYP sawmills primarily in East Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi that are industry certified and that offer the best quality and price.

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