Top Land Ports USA-MEXICO

Top Trading Ports:

1 Port Laredo $155.4 billion
2 Ysleta, Texas $38.9 billion
3 Otay Mesa Freeway Border Crossing, Calif. $30.5 billion
4 Pharr International Bridge in Texas $22.7 billion
5 Eagle Pass $18.9 billion
6 Nogales Border Crossing, Ariz. $16.4 billion
7 Santa Teresa Border Crossing, N.M. $12.2 billion
8 Brownsville International Bridges $11 billion
9 El Paso Border Crossing, Texas $11 billion
10 Calexico/Mexicali (East) Border Crossing, Calif. $10.8 billion

Mexico is the 2nd largest trading partner for the USA, in 2023 it became the largest partner surpassing China and Canada. In 2022, total trade between both countries totaled 779.3 billion dollars. Both share a 2,000-mile border and many difference in similar and differences culture.  Mexico has committed to invest more than two billion dollars in improvements to its land ports to make it easier for trade traffic. The state of Nuevo Leon also committed to making one of its lanes in Nuevo Laredo just for Tesla which is already working on building a Giga plant for the manufacturing of its automobiles in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Laredo represents 39% of total imports and exports between the two countries. There is a lot of excitement in Mexico with the change in globalization to nearshoring, with many companies seeing Mexico as their No. 1 choice to set up manufacturing and distribution centers instead of China and the Far East.

With the USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement) in place, more high-tech companies are more at ease with intellectual property (IP) protected in Mexico than in other countries such as China. Mexico’s education system has improved significantly with most universities requiring that at least one third of its courses be taught in English. The education in engineering and international trade university degrees has exploded, creating a more skilled workforce in Mexico. As an example, the University of Arkansas built a complete campus in the state of Queretaro.

Supply chain management is a crucial component between both countries as trade continues to thrive. In the following table you will see the top ten land ports and their current year to date interchange of trade in USD, for 2023.