State of Queretaro

The State of Queretaro is the 6th smallest state in total land area in Mexico but represents 3% of the total GDP of the country. The state has become of crucial importance as it is one of the safest states and is only roughly 8 hours to the USA border. More and more foreign companies are setting up facilities in the state. Queretaro is becoming the center for aerospace component machining and assembly. It is also a sophisticated state to produce auto parts, most that go to the USA for assembly or vice versa.

According to state numbers 45 families per day are moving to Queretaro. The unemployed rate in Queretaro is 2.7%. Twenty years ago, most people moved away from Mexico City to avoid the earthquake fault line of Mexico City but in the last 5 years it has shifted, and many are arriving from all parts of Mexico because of its positive economic impact and safety. Every year it becomes stronger financially, made up primarily by educated professionals. 

It is very rich in history as it is where the Mexican Independence Day was first located, the current Constitution of México was signed, the Gadsden purchase was signed and 289 years ago created a water delivery system with large arches that distributed water to the city capital. It continues to stand and is in perfect condition after almost 300 years.

In November 2023 Queretaro exported 1.66 billion USD worth of goods and every month throughout 2023 was similar in economic activity. Currently, the governor of Queretaro has been concentrating his efforts meeting with foreign companies to convince them to set up their manufacturing facilities in Queretaro.

Queretaro’s shining star is the aerospace industry. It has at least 4 large industrial parks that are dedicated to aerospace component fabrication and assembly as well. It hosts a 4-year university that is dedicated to just aerospace engineering. The future is that Queretaro will be the primary state to attract aerospace manufacturing in all of Mexico. 

Some statistics on Queretaro: Many different sources consider Queretaro the 2nd safest cities excluding the beach resorts. In 2020 the population of Queretaro State was 2,386,467 habitants compared to 2010, that is a 29.3% increase. A small population that contributes 3% of the country’s GDP, impressive. It has a highly qualified workforce because of its successful aerospace educational system. Numerous foreign aerospace companies such as Airbus, ITF Air, General Electric, Safran, Bombardier and Meggitt Aircraft have had tremendous results. This is just a sample of the companies that have operations in Queretaro. The state has had exports in 2023 of nearly 20 billion USD, more than 18% from the previous year. 

One of its impressive statistics is that it is the number 1 most visited cities outside of the beach resorts from foreign travelers. It is a beautiful city that has been successful in blending its colonial and historical areas with modern and 1st world architecture and a first-class infrastructure.