Biculturalism in Business

This phenomenon of biculturalism has been the key to the success of FREEDOM SOURCING. Every associate of the company is fully bicultural. Not only can they speak both languages fluently, but they can switch from thought process to thought process. This means that our associates can think as Americans and as well as thinking as Mexicans. This helps us deal more closely with our customers in Mexico and our suppliers in the United States. This is not easy to do when the cultures are very different. Not everyone can deal successfully in the Mexican market without understanding the culture and vice versa Mexicans have trouble dealing with the American market for the same reason.

In the United States with the advancement of e-commerce, a transaction can be done completely through an exchange of emails. In Mexico, that is more rare than common practice. You must build a relationship with the decision maker, generally the owner, to make a successful transaction. It can take time to gain their trust in you and you in them. FREEDOM SOURCING likes to meet them in person and build a strong bond and worth investing the time and the expense. Once the relationship is established, our associate or trader must think like a Mexican to calculate what the customer is really looking for in price, quality and dimensions. If you gain their full trust, they will share their desired price point and tally. Then our trader must think like an American to successfully negotiate with the sawmills. A point where everyone wins is the ideal situation.

Because of this we invite you to work with FREEDOM SOURCING because we dominate both cultures and can use that to everyone’s advantage. Furthermore, we often combine both mind frames to solve more critical issues to the benefit of our customers and suppliers.